Captial Petanque Canberra Logo

We are a group of Petanque players who live in Canberra with a keen interest in playing and promoting this beautiful, relaxing and social French bowling game.

Petanque (pronounced P-Tank) can be played by anybody both male and female, young and old and you do not have to be athletic to play this game well.

Equipment costs are minimal, all you need is three boules (metal balls) and you are ready to play. Petanque is best played on a compacted gravel surface.

The aim of the game is to throw and place your boules as close to a jack (the cochonnet) as possible, and by doing so scoring points. It is as simple as that.

We can provide the boules for the first few times that you come along and play with us.

First Sunday of the Month (FSM) Competition

The winners of the FSM competition for April were Kerry for the women and Smitty for the men. So far this year after four rounds of competition the leaders are Robyn for the women with Judith in second position, and for the men Smitty is in the lead with Ivo in second place. This month the competition was played on an open piste, and thanks to Rhys for being the umpire and for explaining the difference in the rules between open and marked pistes. The next round of the FSM competition will be held on May 6th.

Club Shirts can be ordered from, 'Working Gear', in Fyshwick, at 51 to 55 Kembla St. (shop 5 Kembla Court). The embroidery is done in the shop and they have our club templates stored on their computer. It may help to take a club shirt along. Waiting time is around 2 weeks. The contact phone number is 62805885